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Invites applications:

Teachers Institute on Canadian Parliamentary Democracy
November 4 - 9 2002
Parliament Hill, Ottawa

You have not previously participated in the Teachers Institute. You currently teach social studies or a related subject in Canada. You currently teach students between grades 4 to 12, OAC (Ontario) or CEGEP (Quebec). You plan to continue teaching in the province from which you apply until at least 30 June 2003. You are prepared to: (a) bring a sample teaching resource to the Teachers Institute and (b) commit to undertake a follow-up activity to extend the impact of the Teachers Institute
Team applications will not be considered. You are applying on your own individual merits.

Seventy applicants will be selected from across the country.
Candidacy is assessed on the following criteria: Commitment to teaching about Parliament, democracy, governance or citizenship; Professional activity, such as curriculum development, piloting, in-servicing, teaching materials development, workshop presentation, mentoring or peer coaching; Record of engagement in professional dialogue and collaborative work; Capacity to undertake classroom innovation, professional development or curriculum activities based on the Teachers Institute; Continuing education, professional learning and academic achievement; Letter of recommendation
Registration fee of $ 300 is payable upon selection. Program covers travel costs, accommodation and most meals.
Completed applications must be post-marked no later then 30 April 2002.

For more information and application see:


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