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Liberals Force Two Tier Pay on MP's

June 07, 2001
Ottawa: Once again the Liberal government has made a mockery of the House of Commons. Betty Hinton, MP (Kamloops, Thompson and Highland Valleys) confirmed in Ottawa today that the Liberal creators of multi-tier health care have now given Canadians a two-tier scale for MP salaries.

"Liberal House Leader Don Boudria told MP's in the House that anyone who voted against the 20% pay hike would never receive a salary increase for the duration of their service, whether that is one term or ten terms," said Hinton. "I could accept those conditions provided I could also opt out of other offensive Liberal legislation like gun control and the animal cruelty sections in bill C-15 that say some of the ranchers in my riding will be criminals for branding or castrating livestock."

Hinton says she's quite aware MP's have lived with a six per cent salary increase over the last 11 years. She believes there is room for movement on the salary ranges but not all in one lump sum. In fact, Official Opposition MP's put forward numerous amendments, which could have made C-28 palatable. But, the Liberal majority defeated motions, which would have lowered the increase to 10%, delayed any increase until after the next election, reduced the pension percentage, and changed the retroactivity to April instead of January.

Hinton will be traveling back to the riding during Third Reading of C-28, which by all signs will pass by a large majority. "I decided to vote yes at Second Reading on Wednesday because I won't play the game of voting no and then quietly taking the increase before the 90 day opt-in clause deadline. One standard I don't want to give up is the fact MP's are equal and should be paid equally regardless of gender or party affiliation," said Hinton.

Hinton vowed to earn what she is paid through hard work and dedication to her constituents and also plans to contribute a substantial portion of her increase into the communities of the riding.


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