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Hinton Named to Leader's Advisory Committee

February 09, 2001
Ottawa-Betty Hinton, Canadian Alliance MP for Kamloops, Thompson and Highland Valleys was appointed by Stockwell Day as the Chair of the Leader's Advisory Committee on Indian Affairs. The committee will be comprised of Members of Parliament, stakeholders and a variety of community leaders. Mrs. Hinton will report directly to Canadian Alliance Leader Stockwell Day and Shadow Cabinet.

"While I'm honored to be given this opportunity, I know the task ahead of our group will be daunting. Mr. Day has given me the mandate to communicate and build bridges between natives and non-natives. Our committee will work with Indian leaders, their people and other affected stakeholders to come up with real solutions and policies," said Hinton.

"Look around this country. In BC we have 110% of the landmass under claim. In Manitoba you have the Sagkeeng band mess. In the Territories we have widespread substance abuse and staggering unemployment. The Liberals have done little or nothing to help the situation. Our committee is charged with a massive responsibility to get out to these people, listen to what they have to say, and recommend real polices to help them," remarked Hinton.

Hinton will name the other members of the Leaders Advisory Committee on Indian Affairs in the near future. Meeting dates will be announced shortly thereafter.


For more information contact:
Betty Hinton, MP
Kamloops, Thompson and Highland Valleys
(613) 995-6931


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