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KAMLOOPS: September 10, 2001

Dear Editor:

I appreciate the fact the writer of September 11th's editorial in the Kamloops Daily News was nice enough to say "Hinton proves to be woman of principle." It is for that very reason that I write today to correct information found later on in the editorial.

My Ottawa executive assistant and I did part company. As a business woman who has had much experience with the accepted methods of recruiting, evaluating and replacing staff I follow the rules. Ethics preclude further comment.

I feel I can comment on the "speculation" that "Rice was not as supportive of Day as Hinton would have liked" as that had nothing to do with Mr. Rice leaving my employee. Not once did Mr. Rice's personal views of Mr. Day or anyone else in the party enter into our conversations about his performance as my employee.

Although, as I said at the beginning of this letter it was nice to open the paper and see some flattering comments for a change, I am disappointed that the leader of our party had to once again be subjected to media speculation when he had absolutely nothing to do with the situation.

I am happy to have press report what I do. I have nothing to hide. But, I do have difficulty with "speculation" especially when it involves an innocent third party.

Yours truly,

Betty Hinton, MP

- 30 -

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