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Hinton Pushes Liberals to Release Audits on First Nations

March 19, 2001
Ottawa: Kamloops, Thompson, Highland Valleys and Deputy Indian Affair Critic Betty Hinton rose in the House of Commons to give her Maiden Speech today. Hinton spoke on the Canadian Alliance motion, which demands that the use of any public funds spent by Native bands be publicly reported and audited accurately. The motion would compel the federal government to release Native band audits, which are currently being kept under wraps by a 1988 federal court ruling.

"In total the federal government has spent more than $90-Billion on native programs since 1969. This year, spending works out to about $20-thousand for every on-reserve man, woman and child. The money does not get to those who really need it. This government simply transfers most of that money to band governments. It is clear that a large of amount of that money is being misspent given that plight native people find themselves in today," said Hinton.

Although Members of Parliament will not vote on the Opposition Supply day motion until Tuesday, the Liberal government has indicated it intends to support the initiative. This amounts to a major victory for native band accountability.

"This Liberal government spends close to $7-billion in its administration of native programs. Every single cent of that should be subject to an accountable auditing practice. While it is a shame that some of that money is being wasted it's more than about money. It's about people's lives. This money should be used to help grassroots Native people, not line the pockets of Band Chiefs and their cronies," concluded Hinton.


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