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Fry Endorsed Malice With Silence

OTTAWA - Kamloops, Thompson and Highland Valleys MP Betty Hinton questioned Prime Minister Chretien about whether he had apologized to the American ambassador for yesterday's anti-American comments at a government-sponsored women's conference.

"Canadian taxpayers paid $80,000 to fund a function where former NAC president Sunera Thobani made her speech," said Hinton.

"Americans are still reeling from their terrible disaster. I'm ashamed to have a federal government minister endorse with her silence, the malicious remarks spoken by Ms. Thobani. The minister should have spoken up or walked out when the offensive words were spoken. To do any less is to condone Ms. Thobani's statement," continued Mrs. Hinton.

Minister Hedy Fry has fictionalized cross burnings in B.C., spent $2 million in tax dollars for the Durban, South Africa debacle, and now this. She may be a moving speaker on imaginary racist activity but she's proven herself to be mute and ineffectual in dealing with actual, sensitive events that fall under her jurisdiction," finished Mrs. Hinton.

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