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$80,000 Underwrites Anti-American Speech

OTTAWA - Why isn't the Liberal government giving priority to hungry people, the unemployed, security and military programs rather than funding hate-speeches against Western civilization asked MP Betty Hinton, Wednesday.

"How does a hate-filled, anti-American, anti-male rant help the abused women and children of Canada," asked Mrs. Hinton, speaking in the House of Commons for a second day about the U.S.-defaming speech made by Sunera Thobani at a government-sponsored women's conference Monday.

In reply to the member from Kamloops Thompson Highland Valleys, Prime Minister Chretien said, "In Canada we have to have meetings of that nature. Yes, and that person was there, but the minister was invited and she made a good speech on what the government is doing on that."

Mrs. Hinton continued her questioning by asking, "Wouldn't the money funding hate speeches against Western civilization be better spent on the safety and security of Canadians?"

In reply Multiculturalism Minister Hedy Fry indicated "there were academics there there were people from ten different countries there" but did not agree that the $80,000 to offer the conference would be better directed to the much-talked about but non-existent "new security" measures everyone is waiting for the Liberals to initiate for the safety of Canadians.

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