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Kelowna MP seeks out seniors' views

October 29, 2001

MP Werner Schmidt (Kelowna) will be in Kamloops November 24 to hear from senior citizens.

Schmidt is chair of the Canadian Alliance Advisory Committee on Seniors Policy. He is traveling the country listening to seniors talk about what concerns them as older Canadians. Schmidt will be at Desert Gardens at 9:30 a.m. and at Cottonwood Centre at 11 a.m. for hour-long sessions. All seniors (over age of 55) are welcome to attend and "be heard."

Schmidt will also attend part of the Canadian Alliance constituency association general meeting in the afternoon of November 24 to hear from seniors gathered at that function.

The input Schmidt hears will be compiled and submitted for policy development, which will, in the future, guide the party in ways of assisting seniors.


Contact: 250-851-4991


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