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Hinton frustrated with process

October 30, 2001

OTTAWA: Today, MP Betty Hinton (Kamloops Thompson Highland Valleys) left an all-party Heritage committee meeting in frustration.

"Bill C-10 dealing with the future of the shores and water surrounding our country will impact all people in British Columbia and the Liberals appear to be ramming it through without giving either the opposition or the provincial governments affected an opportunity to respond," said Hinton

A newcomer to the Heritage committee, Hinton said the meeting, stacked with Liberals, was a total waste of time as not one of the 30 amendments the Canadian Alliance or other opposition members put forward was accepted by the Liberals in the room.

The Bill being discussed is "an act respecting the marine conservation areas" of Canada. Hinton said it is extremely complex and appears to be setting up another fog-bound tome of legislation that will keep lawyers busy for years and keep investment and development away from our country.

"Once again the federal government is trying to take on responsibility for issues that need to be jointly shared. In this case what about the coastal communities of B.C.?"

As vice-chair of the Canadian Alliance B.C. Caucus, Hinton said she is hearing from all over B.C. that people are anxious about where the economy of the province is going.

"If this Bill, covering all aspects of jurisdiction in coastal waters, is passed as is we can say goodbye to any off-shore exploration, I guarantee that," said Hinton.

Hinton is also upset that wording being suggested by the Liberals gives aboriginal peoples guarantees in writing that their rights will be upheld while amendments by opposition parties concerning rights for municipalities along the coast-line are not being entertained.

"I believe everyone affected is entitled to the same respect," she said.

The Bill was introduced under the guise of Parks Canada, said Hinton. She said at first glance people may think maintaining a pristine shoreline is a good thing but there has to be room for people to live, work and earn a living without having to jump through a dozen legal hoops.


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