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Hinton pleased Minister listening

November 21, 2001

OTTAWA: MP Betty Hinton said she is encouraged by the Liberal government's moves to amend the anti-terrorism bill this week.

"Finally it appears Minister McLellan and her caucus are listening to what the Canadian Alliance have been saying about this bill. There are still some things we'd like to see changed but these are definitely a start," said Hinton.

Hinton said Canadian Alliance asked for mandatory review provisions and the Minister has agreed. The proposed five-year sunset clause has a grandfather provision that will allow ongoing investigations to continue. Other areas in which the Alliance have been pushing the government include independent reviews on prohibition of disclosure of information and that the bill extend further protection for religious and political groups.

Hinton said, "I am pleased that all of those concerns appear to be addressed in Justice Minister Anne McLellan's proposed amendments.

"However, we will keep asking for clarification on parole for perpetrators of terrorist attacks; making it illegal to be a member of a recognized terrorist organization; and prompt extradition of terrorists to the jurisdiction where the crime took place."

One of the main concerns for Hinton was the extensive legislative powers around the issue of disclosure of information. She said the amendments proposed call for an independent review of a minister's prohibition on disclosure of information and give her some comfort that Canadians will have access to necessary information about what is going on in Government.


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