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Martin/Chretien budget

December 10, 2001

OTTAWA: The long-awaited Martin/Chretien budget offers no tax relief or tax reform that could boost productivity, arrest the country's long-term economic decline or stimulate the economy said MP Betty Hinton.

"There's no capital tax reduction, no tax fairness for the resource sector - something that our area needs so badly - no assistance for working families. What I heard was increases to EI premiums and CPP to the tune of $1.2 billion next year and $400 million in 2003," said Hinton following the budget announcement by Finance Minister Paul Martin Monday afternoon.

In the area of national security Mrs. Hinton said she was shocked at the total disregard for our armed forces. Although the Liberals say this budget will keep Canadians safe and keep terrorists out the average military funding is still $1 billion less than the minimum suggested by the recent Auditor General's report.

"We have people around the world, putting their lives at risk for all of us and the Liberals don't even honour them by committing long-term funding to our military departments."

Hinton, in talking of where this budget will take Canadians in the coming year, referred to the fact Canada's standard of living was rated 7th last year by the OECD (Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development) with tiny Luxemburg leading the pack and even Ireland ahead of us in fifth spot.

"This budget, with little or no help for business or major industry sectors, will mean our standard of living continues to be eroded by a Liberal government that can find $160 million for the CBC and the Canadian Film and Television Fund but no money for the provinces' health care woes," she said.


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