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Hinton Reflects on Opening of the 37th Parliament

January 29, 2001
Ottawa - Kamloops, Thompson and Highland Valleys MP Betty Hinton was among 301 Members of Parliament as the 37th Parliament began this morning in Ottawa. The first order of business for the new and returning MP's was the election of the Speaker of the House of Commons. Following the completion of the vote the House will adjourn for the day and resume sitting tomorrow morning with the Speech From The Throne.

"Right now I'm overwhelmed with some of the things that are new to me. I have 65 new colleagues in the Canadian Alliance caucus that I'm eager to work with. I have an exciting role in our Parliamentary team as the Deputy Indian Affairs Critic and I look forward to being a vital member of the Standing Committee on Indian Affairs and Northern Development," remarked Hinton.

Hinton has been in meetings with the other Canadian Alliance Indian Affairs Critics over the past week and more meetings are planned for the future. At this stage Hinton has been focusing on a general departmental overview and outlining responsibilities.

"With Aboriginal treaty and land claims being one of the biggest issues in our riding I hope to be a part of the solution in my new portfolio. Tomorrow's Throne Speech will give my caucus members and I a really good indication as to the direction of the government over the coming session. It'll be our job to hold them accountable over that time," concluded Hinton.


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